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    Ren Hang


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  3. Can’t stop won’t stop

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  4. "If you can look back on people who you once may have thought hurt you and realize the lesson that was there, and look back with forgiveness, I think you are a smart, and mature person. Sometimes though, note for whichever perspective, (one of the) lessons may have been you never should talk to that person again."
    — Myself
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    My purest form of expression.

    These past few weeks have been all about evaluation for me. Measuring the importance of everything in my life down to people, and habits.Getting rid of the negative. Acknowledging my faults. This dance is my attempt to spin away the stress that I have been feeling. Everything is perfect and I am moving forward. Thank you so much for watching.


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    I can’t believe they named the planets after all the sailor scouts

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    They are going to be amazing people when they’re older

    this made me smile so much 

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    no shave november just got INTENSE

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  9. meow~ dancin to rachael

  10. my latest tune.